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Hey - I'm Xian ✌.


Count me in!

Study Group for Goodfellow's "Deep Learning"


I’ve just started working through Goodfellow’s brilliant book Deep Learning and thought it would be very useful to start a study group to discuss bits which are difficult to understand and also to keep us motivated!

Here’s what I have in mind:

  • Each week we work through a small section of the book and ask questions we have by commenting on the relevant post, e.g., Deep Learning Study Group (Pages 1 - 15).
  • Each fortnight we set an optional programming challenge, e.g., create an RNN for stock price prediction using TensorFlow, and compare our code.

I’d like to finish the first section Applied Math and Machine Learning Basics by Christmas, which translates to about 15 pages per week.

Please comment on this post if you'd like to join!


If you would like to help manage this study group, please join our Slack group!

The average person will walk $75,000$ miles in their lifetime - equivalent to $3$ times around the world.

There isn't much to choose between them.

R has built in packages which allow you do analysis faster, e.g., you can use commands like lm, glm and plot straight off the bat, whereas in python you'll probably have to import statsmodels, numpy, pandas, and matplotlib before doing any analysis.

That being said, I prefer python because (in my opinion) it is a more intuitive language, and the staple packages (i.e., numpy, pandas, etc.) are a little more powerful 🔥🔥.

Hope this helps!

I thought it was too at first, but it's not! So unintuitive! 😲

Welcome to the site Harry 😁

Tuesday Boy Statistics Puzzle


I recently came across an interesting statistics puzzle, so thought I'd share it.

A man says that he has two children and one of them is a boy born on a Tuesday. What is the probability that the man has two boys?

You will very easily be able to find the solution by googling around, but I encourage you not to!

Best of luck.

Could Anybody Recommend Inspiring Statistics Films/ Documentaries 📽?

I'd be really grateful if people could recommend me some good films or documentaries which involved statistics? I watched 21 last night and it's wet my appetite 😜.

Cool site Jack!