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Thanks I will! Never really been into Bayesian stats actually, only had classical statistics at our university.

I'm reading page 39 and I was wondering if someone has a good source on explaining Bayes' theorem with some practical examples. It's unfortunate the book doesn't provide any calculation examples up until now.

Furthermore I'm really looking forward to the exercises of next week, and I hope more people get involved in the conversation.

I have this exact same question, it would be nice if someone can provide an answer about how these layers of describing edges, contours etc work.

I would like to join if that's still possible!

I've started reading and on page 17 paragraph 1.2.1, Bishop starts with the notation of $\delta x$ and I'm not sure what this means. Is it simply the difference between interval a and b on the integral in example 1.24?

Wow an Overleaf summary?! That is amazing? Can you possibly share this somehow?