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an introduction to statistical learning with applications in r, its free just google it. very good intro book

for WEEK 2

TITLE: Sales Demand Forecast in E-commerce using a
Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network

So i find LSTM and RNN super interesting becuase of its endless applications and use from text to speech to financial trading, however i have never seen it used it forecasting business sales.

Claus K

Very interesting Article, however this is the first paper i've read on language processing, so i dont have any feedback or questions, i will stick around reading what you guys think of the article.

Aarhus university, Denmark, and just finished a visit at Durham university, UK.

i can send you my overview over the project if you want to see the structure? I'm also looking into RNN (LSTM) and how reinforcement learning may improve LSTM by implying a value function. pretty early steps but i find it super interesting.

i train the algos with high frequency forex pairs, (EUR/-) and large cap danish stocks. as i said i'm in a very early stage so who knows where it's gonna take me :)

Claus K.

no matter what ends up being the article to be discussed, i'll read this one :)

My name is Claus and currently finishing my masters degree in economics where my master thesis topic is how reinforcement learning can help optimizing trading systems, i currently hold a student positions in the data science field where i apply machine learning in business analytics, especially business forecasts.

I'm in!