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Heya a few of us discussed this, and we think that this is a great idea. However its kinda difficult to organize all the people from different time-zones into groups, and to make sure that those groups contain people who are serious about learning.
That said I would like to join the group, but i would like to start from the beginning. If that doesn't suit you i can be a passive observer, and when i have time i can read the part that you want to prepare weekly too :)

Study Group for Bishop's "Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (Pages 1 - 28)

As is with any study group, the members need to be active for the group to thrive! So communicate, discuss, and think critically. To ease into the book, we won't set any coding challenges this week.

Here are your tasks for the week commencing 15/10/2018:

  • Read the first 28 pages of the book. Note that this chapter introduces some important terminology, so read it carefully and let it sink in.
  • Leave at least one comment below, e.g., a question about something you don't understand or a link to a brilliant resource. It must somehow relate to the first 28 pages.
  • Reply to at least one other person's comment.

Let's enjoy this book together since it truly is a masterpiece!


Suggestions posted on the facebook group but will give them here for completion:

  • Fewer pages, about a third so that each week we cover an important section or technique.
  • Coding tasks, when they make sense (Linear classifier, GMM,...) in python or some other language (I'm thinking python since its faster to implement).
  • Questions and tasks at the end of each chapter - Should we do them after each week or at the end of each chapter (like some sort of test or reminder).
  • Should we divide and make review groups (of about 4-5 people) or chat groups so that we can talk and discuss further. Groups can be interconnected with threads but we should try and solve the problems within the group to avoid cluttering.