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Hey Jack!

Ha, yeah I can't exactly brag about my surfing skills at the moment. It's a good day if I can stand up on the board once 😂

I believe people would use it to gauge how their organization is actually performing re: financial metrics and also utilize it for decision-making processes when it comes to figuring out which bills to follow-through with and whatnot.

Hi all,

I'm Caitlin. I did my undergrad in biomedical engineering at a university in the US, which involved calculus, stats, and the like. Fast forward ten years and now I'm interested in learning about machine learning/AI and how I can apply them in healthcare.

I'm currently pulling together a SaaS that will evaluate and analyze financial data for healthcare organizations, and I hope to incorporate machine learning into it at some point.

In my free time, I like to surf, take my dog to the beach, and drink beer/wine.

Looking forward to learning more about stats!