Hi, I’m Jack. I created Black Swans – a tight-knit group of students and lecturers from UK universities who help each other with statistics problems and collaborate on projects.

How to Get Started

To get started, all you have to do is create an account, although I encourage you to also upload a profile picture and add a short bio. It would also be nice if you introduced yourself to the community.

What Can You Post About?

Anything that somehow relates to statistics and isn’t an advert. Perhaps you’ve been stuck on a tutorial question for the past hour and want someone to shed some light 🔦 on it. Or maybe you’re building a neural network to predict football scores and want to find others who might be interested in collaborating with you. It could even be that you'd like to share some mind-blowing 🤯 results from your research.

How to Tag Posts

A tag is a label (e.g., machine-learning) which categorises a post. Adding one or more (max 3) tags to your post makes it easier for people who will be interested in your post to find it, and so it’ll get more comments 😁. Most of the tags which I’ve created are self-explanatory, except “management” perhaps, which should be used for posts relating to the management of Black Swans. If you think a new tag should be created, please send me a message.

Upvoting Posts and Comments

We’re a tight-knit community. We want to help each other. We want to inspire each other. We want to make each other laugh 🤣. So if you stumble across a post or comment which you find insightful, thought-provoking or entertaining, please upvote it, because then more people will see it 🙏. It also shows appreciation to the person who created the post or comment.

Want to Support the Site?

It costs me roughly £200 each year to run Black Swans, and also takes up lots of my time and energy. If anyone could chip in anything 💵 at all to help out, please get in touch.

I’d also really appreciate it if you followed the account blackswans.io on Instagram, which I use to showcase interesting and inspiring projects that people are working on, and also to get feedback on the site.