Here are your task for this week.

This week we'll be going over Convolutional Neural Networks(CNNs); the workhorse of modern-day computer vision. As in the previous week, I'll first recommend watching Stanford's CS231n lecture #5 and lecture #9 on CNNs. If you're are already familiar with CNNs then you can just dive right into this week's chapter.

  • Read pages 330 - 372 of the Deep Learning book.
  • Leave at least one comment below, e.g. a question about something you don’t understand or a link to a brilliant resource. It must somehow relate to pages 330 - 372.
  • Use your extra time to help answer the questions others leave 🙏, this may go a long way to improve your understanding of many concepts, too.
  • As always, if you’re feeling lost mention it in the comments and ask for help!

Enjoy 🍻, see you next week.