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In my project(web application), I have a continuous stream of reviews flooding in real time. I need to perform Sentiment Analysis and Clustering Analysis on the data real time.

I am familiar with various clustering techniques (LSA, DBSCAN etc.,) and sentiment analysis classifiers. (Would love to hear some more algorithms from you ?)

With my experience of participating in hackathons, I can deal with this on a given dataset.

But in a continuous stream of data, I am facing few questions:

i. The new data might have some new words. How to incorporate them into the training process ? Do I need to run the classifier again for all the reviews ? (I would like to know how this is tackled in industry.)
ii. Similarly, for the clustering process. Should I run the clustering process over all the reviews whenever I receive a new review ? And how to efficiently do this as my dataset grows larger and larger. (Again, I would like to know how this is tackled in industry.)

Please point me to any resource that can help me.
Please comment below if you need anymore details.
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