Hey Fam, here are your tasks for the week commencing 12/12/2018:

  • Read pages 110 - 140 of the Deep Learning book. Here we'll be introduced to one of the most fundamental concepts in ML, the Maximum Likelihood Estimation. A lot of the proofs and justifications of many algos are derived from it. Make sure to go over it thoroughly.
  • Leave at least one comment below, e.g. a question about something you don't understand or a link to a brilliant resource. It must somehow relate to pages 110 - 140.
  • No bonus activity for this week either 😲. Use your extra time to help answer the questions others leave 🙏, this may go a long way to solidify your understanding of many concepts, too.

As always, if you're feeling lost mention it in the comments and ask for help!

Enjoy 🍻, see you next week.